Sunday, 12 April 2015

Stone Fireplace – Add the Perfect Element to A Romantic Evening or Late Fall Night

Adding a custom stone fireplace to your backyard certainly offers the warmth & elegance that you are always looking for. Whilst chimneys and bonfires are great starters, real stone fireplaces are durable, elegant and most importantly they’ll enhance the appeal of your house. Adding stone fireplace to your terrace will simply make it enchanting. Additionally, a stone fireplace is much safer and durable compared to fire pits or chimneys.

Why you should add a stone fireplace to your outdoor living space?

Fireplaces certainly can lengthen the seasons. With a comfortable fireplace you, your friends and family can spend quality spring evening & late fall nights by a comfy fire outside. Just envisage drinking hot coffee or tea, frying marshmallows and eating s'mores by a stone fireplace in your backyard or outdoor living space. You will feel like you’re indoor, all warm & heated, yet you can enjoy the sounds and smell of the beautiful evening with your near and dear ones. Your winter can be extremely pleasant if you have stone fireplace in or outside your home.6043761_orig

Great dinner parties can be arranged during cool summer nights. A custom stone fireplace can set the foundation for a dream evening. Switch on some pleasing music and let the sparkle of the fire grab the attention of your guests. Or sit out quietly by yourself or with your dear ones and enjoy a calm evening only distracted by the mild rustle of a stone fireplace.

Unlike chimneys or fire pits, stone fireplaces can be extremely safer for family and friends to be around. Fire holes can be dangerous to small kids whilst chimneys can be knocked over very easily. However, a properly built fireplace can safeguard your family and guests from sparkles and while the stone fences can safeguard people from getting burned if they by chance slant against it.

The best means to buy custom stone for your fireplace is to search via the web, and you’ll come across so many stone suppliers, and you can also visit their websites to check out the avail designs. You’ll be certainly surprised by seeing the availability of hand crafted fireplace mantels. At Cokina Stones, you can easily find hand carved fireplace mantles that are specially designed to fit your style and space. You will be confused with the number of designs we have, but in the end, you’ll certainly find one that you think will simply blend with the interior decor, furnishings and color of the room. We deal only in natural stones including Riviera stone, Latina stone, Paolo Stone and Tikul Stone amongst many others. We do it all for you from stone selection, planning, computerized drafting, packing to home delivery.

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